Taking their name from the famous Suede tune, Drowners are the most exciting New-York-based band to cross the Atlantic since The Strokes. Although their model/socialite/DJ/English graduate frontman Matt Hitt originally hails from Wales, he… Continue reading

Song of the Week: Speedy Ortiz // Tiger Tank

Music’s Greatest Love Triangles and the songs they inspired

George Harrison, Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton:  Damon Albarn, Justine Frischmann and Brett Anderson: .

Blur Hyde Park 2012

Any of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I am the biggest, self-confessed Blur fan in existence, which is why I was practically bouncing off the walls yesterday when I… Continue reading

Interview: Anaesthetics

Last week I was lucky enough to interview Anaesthetics, an up-and-coming Manchester band, whose musical style can be likened to that of Belle and Sebastian and The Cure. Their debut singles, Slow Trains and Pulse are available… Continue reading

The Forgotten Art of Girl Bands. In Praise of: Elastica…

In a time where the music industry is so heavily dominated by solo female singers and teen-oriented boy bands; now seems an appropriate time to say, “Hey Britian, where did all our girl bands go?” I’m… Continue reading