Taking their name from the famous Suede tune, Drowners are the most exciting New-York-based band to cross the Atlantic since The Strokes. Although their model/socialite/DJ/English graduate frontman Matt Hitt originally hails from Wales, he… Continue reading

Song of the Week: Speedy Ortiz // Tiger Tank

What I’m listening to this summer…

Sidney Bechet – Si tu vois ma mere A combination of a new-found interest in jazz and watching Midnight in Paris for the millionth time (and going there last week) led me to… Continue reading

Song Of The Week: Arctic Monkeys // Do I Wanna Know?

This week, Alex Turner discreetly dropped a bombshell of a tune, with the ‘follow up’ song to R U Mine?, titled Do I Wanna Know? (It seems he’s developing a penchant for rhetorical questions). With a heavy… Continue reading

Song of the Week: Superfood // Superfood

I saw Peace last week (post coming soon) who were incredible, but the support act, Superfood, really caught my eye! Their single of the same name is very late 90s, Dandy-Warhols-esque, which is… Continue reading

French Playlist

I’m off to Dijon on a French exchange later this month, so it seems appropriate preparation to post some of my favourite French songs to get me in the mood:   Francoise Hardy… Continue reading

Valentine’s Playlist

So, I thought I’d do something topical, and since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I’ve made a playlist of the perfect songs I’d like to be serenaded with…

Some thoughts on the NME Awards Tour – Manchester Academy

Peace: At the start of the night, I’d never really listened to Peace, and had only heard California Daze, but I left feeling pleasantly surprised! Within 10 minutes of Peace’s set, the crowd had… Continue reading

Bye Bye HMV

So, this month we had to say goodbye to yet another high street giant, HMV. We did it collectively with the same guilty feeling as putting a neglected, old family dog down, after… Continue reading