Interview: Anaesthetics

Last week I was lucky enough to interview Anaesthetics, an up-and-coming Manchester band, whose musical style can be likened to that of Belle and Sebastian and The Cure. Their debut singles, Slow Trains and Pulse are available for free on via their soundcloud site (here-, and I thoroughly recommend that you download them, since they’ve been stuck in my head all week!


1) First of all, your name is rather distinctive – how did you come up with it? 

I had to have an operation a couple of years ago. I saw it on a medical namebadge just before I was knocked out. Thought it looked amazing.. when I woke up my resounding memory was “that’d make a great band name..”  Fortunately, we all agreed and it wasn’t the drugs..
2) How did the four of you first meet and start playing together? 

Me, Martin and Mat had played together in a rock n’roll band a few years ago. I’d taken a few steps back and learned to write better songs and keyboards.. I had a pile of material but when I played it with anyone else it felt like it was missing something.. Laura was only ever supposed to help out on Slow Trains but the night before our first gig we kind of knocked Pulse into shape and she’s been with us ever since!

3) I really love Slow Trains and I’ve been listening to it a lot of Soundcloud. Do you think websites such as Spotify and Soundcloud are a force for good in the music industry? 

Yes. They’re an extension of the punk ethic in that anyone can make music and get it heard.

4) Also, you’re offering your new singles, Slow Trains and Pulse, as free downloads at the moment. Do you think that offering free downloads is the best way of getting into the public consciousness, as opposed to doing lots and lots of gigs, and being heard about through word of mouth? 
Yes, I think that it is.. certainly seems to be working that way for us! We’ve only played one gig so far and we’re getting a lot of attention just from people hearing our music on-line and downloading it for free. We can’t wait to get out and playing some nice sweaty shows in tiny venues though!

5) You’re a Manchester band, so do you find that a lot of your musical influences come from this city (e.g. The Smiths, Oasis?), or are your tastes more diverse?

Yes, you can’t help but be influenced by the music made by those from the city you love! It’s so inspirational because a lot of the best music keeps on coming from Manchester, and it just surrounds you! Where I live is opposite the place that Morrissey wrote Cemetery Gates about.. I grew up listening to The Smiths and we’re really influenced by Elbow, Joy Division, The Courteeners, Everything Everything etc etc. as a band.  I think what I love the most though is the fact that there is such a creative spirit in Manchester, and people aren’t afraid to do something different, say what they think, buck trends, and talk from the heart.. There’s obviously loads of other influences that aren’t defined by geography.  We have massive love for Bowie, The Cure, Belle & Sebastian, The Pixies and Interpol as well as new music e.g. Alt-J, Savages have great energy and Pins.

Follow the links to hear and download Slow Trains and Pulse: 



Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Anaesthetics’ first video…