Singing in the Shower Playlist

So, I suppose the title is pretty self-explanatory, but me and my friend have a deep love for belting songs out at the top of our voices…and where better to practice this life… Continue reading

Top 10: Nonsense Lyrics

Without a doubt, post-LSD, pre-breakup Beatles produced some of the craziest nonsensical lyrics in the history of music. Triggered by countless acid trips and music journalists constantly trying to analyse their lyrics, John… Continue reading

Interview: Jake Downs

Unsure of how to introduce Jake in terms of his musical style, I finally settled on this analogy – imagine if Morrissey and Florence Welch merged their voices; and this sound was implanted into… Continue reading

Autumn Playlist

I’ve been feeling a bit bored lately, and autumn is almost upon us, so I decided to compile a list of songs which I feel sum up my favourite season – three months… Continue reading

The Forgotten Art of Girl Bands. In Praise of: Elastica…

In a time where the music industry is so heavily dominated by solo female singers and teen-oriented boy bands; now seems an appropriate time to say, “Hey Britian, where did all our girl bands go?” I’m… Continue reading